Macon Money wins 2011 FutureEverything Award!

We are thrilled to announce that Macon Money has won the FutureEverything award for outstanding innovation in art, society and technology! Congratulations to the Knight Foundation and many thanks to the people of Macon for making this game a huge success!!!


Drop7 by Zynga is released!

Big news for new and current Drop7 players!

For the first time in years, Drop7 is available for free on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad! Thanks to Zynga, your friends have one less reason to not play Drop7!

Current players can get the upgraded version of Drop7 by Zynga with high-resolution graphics for free! Just update your Drop7 App in the App Store and select “Yes please!” on the message prompt to complete the upgrade. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity for high-resolution graphics and continued support!


Area/Code becomes Zynga New York

We are excited to announce that, as of today, the Area/Code team will be joining Zynga. Area/Code Games is now Zynga New York.

With a new name, the company will be in the same place, with the same amazing team we’ve built up over the years. Frank Lantz and Demetri Detsaridis remain on as Creative Director and General Manager, respectively; co-founder Kevin Slavin remains nearby but focused on other new ventures.

Zynga is the undisputed leader of an industry in the midst of an important transition. Social games have demonstrated massive popularity and commercial success even as they are still developing; Area/Code’s ideas, passion and experience will now participate in that development.

For almost six years, Area/Code has been inventing new ways to play. From the earliest days in a tiny downtown office, we’ve been experimenting with novel combinations of technology and media, creating games that overlap with the real world in surprising ways. Area/Code began 18 months before the Wii hit the shelves, a few years before the first social game on Facebook, years before a phone with an App Store attached to it. Every time a new mode of interaction emerged – whether it was cameraphones, GPS, broadcast co-viewing, or the Facebook API – we took every opportunity to use what we found to push the boundaries of where we play, when we play, and who we play with.

While we were working hard, so was everyone else; the “videogame industry” bears little resemblance to what it looked like when we started. The way to get a game in the hands of a million people years ago is quite different from today’s landscape of 600 million Facebook users.

This is the number one reason the studio is evolving: we want to make great games on a large scale. Our ambition is to contribute in a major way to the evolution of games on social networks, to make games in this space that are deeper and more interesting, games that reward the time and attention of the millions of people who play them with complex, meaningful experiences. We believe our best shot at doing this is working with Zynga, the biggest, most successful company in this space.

Zynga is smart. They know you can’t just optimize on what stands, that you also have to push forward and explore new ideas. That’s an exciting business to be in.

The future of social games is a vast territory filled with unexplored potential. Six years after we started from nothing, we are just as ready to roll up our sleeves, step into the center of the storm, and discover how to make great games for the most people on the biggest platform in the world.

There are, of course, many people we would like to thank for helping us get here, but we would especially like to express our gratitude to our advisors at Creative Artists Agency and Evolution Media Capital.


Area/Code games score big in 2010

We are excited that Inside Social Games included CSI: Crime City in their list of the best facebook games of 2010, citing its “overall high level of polish” and “meaningful social play.” But that’s not all…

Macon Money is one of the top 5 Social Impact Games of 2010!  Thank you to everyone who supported our game with nominations and votes. We’re flattered and grateful. Check out the post and the other winners here.

Also, Code of Everand earned a recommendation from the folks at Massively in this round-up of MMOs.


Fast Company features Area/Code’s Kati London

Check out this video about Area/Code and Kati London. It’s part of Fast Company’s video series that highlights young innovators and their work. Kati discusses how curiosity is a driving force behind the wide variety of games Area/Code develops.


Vote for Macon Money as your Favorite Social Impact Game of 2010

Macon Money has been nominated as one of the top Social Impact Games of 2010 by Games for Change! Check out the other groundbreaking nominees and cast your vote for the top 5 before December 28th.


Indie iPhone Holiday Sale

In the spirit of the holidays, Area/Code’s Drop7 is participating in the Indie iPhone Holiday Sale. One third of all proceeds will be donated to Child’s Play Charity, an organization that helps bring games and toys to hospitalized children!

“Since 2003, over 100,000 gamers worldwide have banded together through Child’s Play, a community based charity grown and nurtured from the game culture and industry. Over 7 million dollars in donations of toys, games, books and cash for sick kids in children’s hospitals across North America and the world have been collected since our inception. When gamers give back, it makes a difference!”


CSI: Crime City reaches 1 million players!

Thank you to all of our fans and supporters for making CSI: Crime City one of the few Facebook games to ever reach this epic milestone in under a month!


3/4 Million people are playing CSI: Crime City

We’d be so happy for CSI: Crime City to reach 1 million players for many reasons, one of them being a less-frequent need to post our milestones.


Someone in Finland likes us!

We’re happy to report that Aki Järvinen, Lead Social Designer at Digital Chocolate, is a Drop7 fan.  He has declared Drop7 to be one of the 5 best mobile games ever, thanks to its “beautifully harmonious yet addictive gameplay.”

Read the blog post here


1/2 Million People are Playing CSI: Crime City

The number of people playing CSI has topped 500,000 already making it as one of Facebook’s most popular games in just two weeks!

And it’s keeping the critics happy too:

“Crime City is a great game that manages to nail the feeling of the TV show, both through its tremendous cinematic presentation and its addictive investigative gameplay.”

Read the rest of the review here or play the game!


CSI: Crime City surpasses a ¼ million players

CSI: Crime City, with already 300,000+ users in under 10 days, is quickly becoming Facebook’s newest sensation!


CSI: Crime City makes a splash

In one week of release, CSI: Crime City is already in the Top 20 of AppData’s Top Gainers by DAU on Facebook… and the reviews are starting to roll in:

“Facebook hasn’t really seen the promised invasion of high-quality games from established, big-name developers using major licensed brands this year… until now, anyway.”

Click here for the full article.  And don’t worry – customizable avatars are coming soon.


Area/Code’s CSI: Crime City now in open Beta!

Created in conjunction with Ubisoft, CSI: Crime City is Area/Code’s fourth Facebook game. Click here to find out more or here to play the game.


Social Games that Sway Behavior

MIT’s Technology Review features Area/Code’s Power Planets in Social Games that Sway Behavior.

Discussing Area/Code’s work, Kati London explains, “Games are stylized systems of social interaction that incentivize engagement and behavior. That potentially makes them great engines for influencing and producing behavior change.”


Kati London streaming live from the Web 2.0 Expo

Be sure to tune in to see Kati’s presentation at the Web 2.0 Expo tomorrow. Her presentation, “Games that Know Where you Live,” is one of the featured presentations during the 4 day long NY Expo. Kati takes the stage at 4:55PM EST. Login and watch it live here.


With support from the Knight
Foundation, Area/Code announces
real-world games for Macon, GA,
and Biloxi, MS.

Earlier today, the Knight Foundation announced their support for Area/Code to develop real-world games for Macon, GA and Biloxi, MS. These games are designed to help residents build community and prepare for disasters, respectively.

Area/Code is delighted to be working with the Knight Foundation on these new forms of civic engagement. These efforts are the result of the Knight Foundation’s vision and commitment to the future of local communities.

Trabian Shorters (VP of Communities, Knight Foundation) has an insightful blog post that gives additional context for this ambitious endeavor.


Power Planets

While Area/Code gets ready to announce its next big Facebook title – hold your breath – check out Power Planets, launched for the Science Channel in conjunction with the broadcast of its TV series Powering the Future. Control the fate of your own miniature planet…but keep your eyes on the prize; every few days a “handoff” takes place, and everyone’s planet is given to someone else! Will you stick your best friend with a polluted nightmare or take over a stranger’s well-tuned point machine? Get ready and get started here


SmartPlanet’s “Pure Genius” column features Kati London

Kati London is featured in SmartPlanet’s most recent “Pure Genius” column. She discusses how Area/Code’s games make players engage with the real world.


Drop7 ranked #2 on IGN’s list of top 25 iPhone games

Drop7 landed the #2 spot on IGN’s list of the top 25 iPhone games. Not only has Drop7 won the IGN Editors’ Choice award twice now, but for two years in a row it has been ranked in the top 3 iPhone games. Check out Drop7 on the App Store here.


MIT Technology Review names Kati London a 2010 Young Innovator Under 35

Check out the feature on Kati here. She talks about what drives Area/Code’s work creating games that influence behaviors and address real-world issues. Congratulations, Kati!


The Friday Game: Drop7

Edge Magazine’s website featured Drop7 as this week’s Friday Game.

“This late in the day, the internet hardly needs another article about how good Drop7 is. Yes, it’s certainly the greatest thing to ever emerge from an ARG; yes, it’s probably the best game on the iPhone; yes, it’s possibly the finest puzzler since Alexey Pajitnov started hacking around on a computer back at the Soviet Academy of Sciences.”

“It’s not just that it’s sparse but attractive, either, or that the true ramifications of the game mechanics unfold in devilish interlocking spirals of understanding. It’s more about the social side – the way you evangelise Drop7 to other people. There’s always a sense, as with Tetris, that you’re not teaching friends the rules to a new game so much as training them to do something they’re going to spend quite a lot of the rest of their lives doing.”


Drop7 update for the Android

Check the Marketplace on your Android for the latest version of Drop7. All previous issues with game volume and application crashes should now be resolved.


Big Day for Drop7!

Drop7 won its second Editor’s Choice award from IGN, this time for the Android! It received a 9.0/10 putting it in their “Outstanding” category.

Joe White wrote a great review of Drop7 on and is giving away some download codes. If you don’t already have Drop7, here’s your chance to possibly grab it for free!!


Great Drop7 guide

Check out this in-depth normal mode guide for Drop7 we spotted on Giles Blowkett’s blog.


Area/Code is looking for a Studio Coordinator

If you are or know someone interested in working in an administrative role at Area/Code, e-mail us at for more info.


Drop7 iOS 4 update will be available very soon!

Just as soon as it’s approved by Apple. Any minute now…


appVersity deems Drop7 “the closest thing to the perfect iPhone game”

An editor at appVersity declared Drop7 “one of the greatest puzzle games” and an “App Store essential.” Check out the full best-in-class review here.


UK paper The Sun calls Drop7 “The New Tetris”… a while ago.

Look what we just noticed! Way back in April 2009, the sun published an article comparing Drop7 to Tetris and calling it “a modern classic” and “nothing short of essential”. It is never too late to recognize such an observant piece of journalism…


Drop7 Featured in the Android Market

Drop7 has been selected as a Featured App in the Android Market. One can only guess how many productive hours will be lost because of this…


Are you a developer in the NYC area?

We’re looking someone who knows PHP/MySQL (and Flash/AS3). If you are such a person, or know one, get in touch with us for more information.


Area/Code has moved!

Our offices have migrated a few short blocks to 45 West 21st Street. Come visit us if you’re nearby!


Kingdom Keepers Online featured on Fox 2 St. Louis

Kingdom Keepers author Ridley Pearson talks about our newest game on Fox in St. Louis. Are the Overtakers still in control there?


Play Area/Code's newest game Kingdom Keepers Online now!

Kingdom Keepers Online, developed for Disney’s Hyperion Books and based on novels by Ridley Pearson, is our new massively single-player game with procedurally generated levels. Play it at

Read Game Set Watch’s review of Kingdom Keepers.


Budgetball played at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London

Kati London introduces Budgetball at the Victoria & Albert Museum’s social games event, “Playgrounds” — sad to have to turn away eager players.


Area/Code’s Demetri Detsaridis talks social gaming do’s and don’ts

Demetri, A/C’s General Manager and Executive Producer, was joined by Caryl Shaw, Producer at ngmoco and formerly of EA, to discuss Spore Islands. E-mail us if you want slides of the presentation.


Frank Lantz interviewed in EDGE Magazine

Check out the latest interview with Frank. Our Co-Founder and Creative Director has never been so accurately described as in the first paragraph here.


Refresh Coming Soon!

The Area/Code website is getting ready for an overall refresh, but in the meantime, do check out Spore Islands.


Code of Everand in EDGE Magazine

EDGE Magazine covers Code of Everand and includes an in depth interview with Area/Code’s Frank and Kevin and our client Simon Williams from Carat.


Drop7 Launches in the App Store

Area/Code is proud to announce that our first iPhone game Drop7 is available in the app store. Drop7 gives a smart, quirky number-logic twist to the simple drop and break mechanics of a classic puzzle game.


Area/Code Cleans Up the PMA Awards

Area/Code quietly cleans up at the PMA awards, awarded 4 Reggies for our work with A&E Networks, including two Gold for the Sopranos Connection (best Digital, best National Consumer Campaign) and Bronze for the use of our Media Res servers with Southwest Airlines


Area/Code at the MIND Symposium

Kevin presents Area/Code’s work in answer to the question “What is Reality?” at the MIND symposium for MoMA + Seed.


Area/Code on BusinessWeek

As part of a feature series on Innovation and Play, BusinessWeek runs a special profile on Area/Code. This follows an earlier feature (March 03) on “Building a Brand with Widgets,” focusing on the success story of the Parking Wars app for A&E TV.


Kevin on the Growth of Gaming

Kevin speaks on “The Growth of Gaming: From Virtual Worlds to Real Economies” at the Guardian’s Changing Media Summit in London.


Kati London at O'Reilly's 2008 Emerging Technology Conference

Kati London presents on “Exposing the APIs of Invisible Things” at O’Reilly’s 2008 Emerging Technology Conference.


Frank on GDC08

Frank presents on “Videogames to Build & Retain TV Audience”, “The Paradox of Play” and runs a Game Design Workshop at the Game Developers Conference 08.


Area/Code makes the Creativity 50

Falling somewhere between Ridley Scott and Zaha Hadid, Area/Code is honored to be included in the Creativity 50.


Sharkrunners at Design Museum of London

Sharkrunners featured in the Designs of the Year exhibition at the Design Museum of London.


Kevin Moderates on "Digital Gets Physical"

At DLD 08, Kevin moderates on “Digital Gets Physical”, together with Julian Bleecker, Neri Oxman, Ohad Eder-Pressman and Area/Code’s own Kati London. Beyond her work with Area/Code, Kati presents a case study on Botanicalls.


SuperStar Global Launches

SuperStar Global launches. Originally designed for the city of Tokyo, the new global version is playable from anywhere in the world. Make a sticker and join the game!


Creativity Tour

Together with Dodgeball, Yellow Arrow, Glowlab, Winksite and Kamida, Kevin presents at Electric Artists‘ Cool School, a “creativity tour” that explores community based marketing trends.


Videoludica's Interview on Frank Lantz

Frank is interviewed by the Italian game culture magazine Videoludica.


Frank on Real-World Gaming

Frank speaks at the Montreal International Game Summit on the topic of real-world gaming.


Area/Code presents 'Learning from Las Venturas'

The Nabi Urban Play and Locative Media Workshop in Seoul invites Area/Code to present our paper “Learning from Las Venturas: Games and Urban Space” at the conference.


State of Play

Area/Code is invited to take place in the State of Play workshop led by Clay Shirky. In a group that included Danah Boyd, Tom Coates, Eric Zimmerman, Ben Hammersley, and 20 other brilliant minds, we brainstorm ways that technology could help groups achieve collective action.


Frank on AIGA's Radical Territories

Frank takes part in Katie Salen’s panel at the AIGA Design Conference, Radical Territories: The Future Frontiers of Game Design.


Area/Code Takes Part In Ubicomp 2005

Area/Code takes part in Ubicomp 2005, contributing to both the Julian Bleecker / Ian Smith workshop, Ubiquitous Computing, Entertainment, and Games, and Eric Paulos’ workshop, Metapolis and Urban Life. We also launch SuperStar, a Tokyo Big Game designed to conicide with the conference.


Area/Code at the Kitchen's Sidney Kahn Summer Institute

Frank speaks about Area/Code’s recent projects at the Kitchen‘s Sidney Kahn Summer Institute.


Kevin at Where 2.0

Kevin speaks about Big Games at Where 2.0, the location-aware technology conference.


Frank on CBC NewsWorld

On the occasion of PacMan’s 25th anniversary, Frank is interviewed on CBC NewsWorld regarding the game’s history and significance.


Roundtable Discussion on The Mobile City

Together with Jan Abrams, Michael Bierut, Steven Johnson, Dana Spiegel, Kadambari Baxi, Katie Salen, Jane Harrison, and Benjamin Aranda, Area/Code is part of a roundtable discussion on The Mobile City, for the Van Alen Institute.


Area/Code Wins Silver

ConQwest wins a silver pencil at the One Show, as well as a silver Clio at the Clio Awards.


Area/Code at the Mobile Multiplayer 3D, and Location-based Games Forum

Area/Code participates in a Location-Based Games panel at the Mobile Multiplayer 3D, and Location-based Games Forum in Barcelona. Moderated by Kurt Uhlir, Area/Code presents together with Simon Woodside from Semacode, and Paul Poutanen from Blister Entertainment.


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