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1/2 Million People are Playing CSI: Crime City

The number of people playing CSI has topped 500,000 already making it as one of Facebook’s most popular games in just two weeks!

And it’s keeping the critics happy too:

“Crime City is a great game that manages to nail the feeling of the TV show, both through its tremendous cinematic presentation and its addictive investigative gameplay.”

Read the rest of the review here or play the game!


CSI: Crime City surpasses a ¼ million players

CSI: Crime City, with already 300,000+ users in under 10 days, is quickly becoming Facebook’s newest sensation!


CSI: Crime City makes a splash

In one week of release, CSI: Crime City is already in the Top 20 of AppData’s Top Gainers by DAU on Facebook… and the reviews are starting to roll in:

“Facebook hasn’t really seen the promised invasion of high-quality games from established, big-name developers using major licensed brands this year… until now, anyway.”

Click here for the full article.  And don’t worry – customizable avatars are coming soon.


Area/Code’s CSI: Crime City now in open Beta!

Created in conjunction with Ubisoft, CSI: Crime City is Area/Code’s fourth Facebook game. Click here to find out more or here to play the game.


Social Games that Sway Behavior

MIT’s Technology Review features Area/Code’s Power Planets in Social Games that Sway Behavior.

Discussing Area/Code’s work, Kati London explains, “Games are stylized systems of social interaction that incentivize engagement and behavior. That potentially makes them great engines for influencing and producing behavior change.”


Kati London streaming live from the Web 2.0 Expo

Be sure to tune in to see Kati’s presentation at the Web 2.0 Expo tomorrow. Her presentation, “Games that Know Where you Live,” is one of the featured presentations during the 4 day long NY Expo. Kati takes the stage at 4:55PM EST. Login and watch it live here.


With support from the Knight
Foundation, Area/Code announces
real-world games for Macon, GA,
and Biloxi, MS.

Earlier today, the Knight Foundation announced their support for Area/Code to develop real-world games for Macon, GA and Biloxi, MS. These games are designed to help residents build community and prepare for disasters, respectively.

Area/Code is delighted to be working with the Knight Foundation on these new forms of civic engagement. These efforts are the result of the Knight Foundation’s vision and commitment to the future of local communities.

Trabian Shorters (VP of Communities, Knight Foundation) has an insightful blog post that gives additional context for this ambitious endeavor.


Power Planets

While Area/Code gets ready to announce its next big Facebook title – hold your breath – check out Power Planets, launched for the Science Channel in conjunction with the broadcast of its TV series Powering the Future. Control the fate of your own miniature planet…but keep your eyes on the prize; every few days a “handoff” takes place, and everyone’s planet is given to someone else! Will you stick your best friend with a polluted nightmare or take over a stranger’s well-tuned point machine? Get ready and get started here


SmartPlanet’s “Pure Genius” column features Kati London

Kati London is featured in SmartPlanet’s most recent “Pure Genius” column. She discusses how Area/Code’s games make players engage with the real world.


Drop7 ranked #2 on IGN’s list of top 25 iPhone games

Drop7 landed the #2 spot on IGN’s list of the top 25 iPhone games. Not only has Drop7 won the IGN Editors’ Choice award twice now, but for two years in a row it has been ranked in the top 3 iPhone games. Check out Drop7 on the App Store here.


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