CSI: Crime City


CSI: Crime City is Area/Code’s fourth Facebook game. Created in conjunction with publisher Ubisoft, Crime City brings a new level of sophistication and polish to the world of social games.

Players begin as entry-level CSI agents and work their way up the ranks by searching crime scenes and solving cases. Each case is constructed as a little story that unfolds just like an episode of the show. The player will encounter the victim and then work alongside familiar CSI characters to investigate multiple locations, uncovering the evidence that will lead them to the perpetrator.

As the player searches they will meet a tangled web of suspects. Successful searching will trigger animated encounters, conversations and interrogations that provide additional clues about what really happened, until finally the mystery is solved, the truth is revealed, and the criminal is put behind bars.

The cases in Crime City are like CSI episodes you can play, and they were created with writers from the actual show who developed the stories, wrote the dialogue, and worked with game designers and artists to bring them to life as compelling, bite-sized interactive narratives.

In addition to searching locations, players will also manage their own forensics lab, filled with the equipment needed to process the evidence found during searches. Players can visit each other’s labs, share equipment, and work together to process evidence more quickly, which makes the crime lab into an active social space.

Solving crimes rewards players with money and experience that can be used to improve their search tools, buy better equipment, and customize their avatar and lab. While searching crime scenes, players may also find rare items that can be collected into sets or shared with friends.

With its accessible gameplay, sophisticated presentation, and innovative use of narrative, CSI: Crime City is a bold experiment in translating a world-class traditional media property into a successful social game experience.