Kelly's Bags

Electrolux Appliances
Web Game

Kelly’s Bags is a multiplayer social game commissioned by Electrolux Appliances. It centers around the idea of fashion and incorporates the dynamics of style and trends into a unique and original form of social gameplay.

In the game, players participate in a online scavenger hunt to build a collection of spokeswoman Kelly Ripa’s designer handbags. Once the bags are collected, players score points by choosing which bag to bring to a series of ficitonal daily events.

When choosing their bags, players must consider the social weight of their decisions. Popularity and time bonuses reward players for correctly predicting the overall behavior of the entire player community, while friend bonuses encourage inventive social play, with fashion-conscious players swapping friends to score maximum points.

Kelly’s Bags generated a vibrant community of addicted players who connected with its novel theme and structure, demonstrating that under the right circumstances, a non-gamer audience will fully embrace innovative, deep gameplay (and imaginary bartenders).