Macon Money

John L. and James S. Knight Foundation
Real-world / Cross-media

Funded by the John L. and James S. Knight Foundation, Macon Money combines the benefits of local currencies and real-world social games to create an innovative experience for residents of Macon, GA.

This community-wide social game uses a new local currency and builds person to person connections while supporting local businesses. $65,000 worth of Macon Money has been printed up. To earn the currency, players cash in “bonds” that have been distributed to residents of Macon. The catch is that each player gets just half a bond and to turn it in must find a person holding a matching half.

To find their match, players can use whatever means their imagination and ingenuity can invent – social media, online message boards, the Macon Money website – even face-to-face events. “Cash” in hand, the players then decide how and where to spend their Macon Money.

Local participating businesses can accept Macon Money bills and redeem them for US Dollars. Businesses benefit from new patrons who are spending money that they might not otherwise have spent locally.

Through real world rewards Macon Money brings together diverse local residents while creating social bonds.