Power Planets

Discovery Channel / Science Channel

Area/Code’s third Facebook game Power Planets is a resource management sim game with a fun social twist.

In Power Planets you control the fate of your own miniature planet. Construct buildings to make your inhabitants happy and earn money and points. But buildings require energy to operate, so you must construct power sources to keep your civilization running.

Planets contain plenty of natural resources that can be turned into power – from coal, oil, and natural gas to wind, solar, nuclear and more. But unlocking the advanced technology to take advantage of these resources requires investing in research.

As you transform your planet into a high-powered money and point generating machine, watch out for depleting resources and growing pollution levels. Players must balance immediate payoffs, investments in future opportunities, and long-term sustainability if they want to reach the top of the leaderboards.

And here’s the twist: every few days a “planet handoff” takes place, and everyone’s planet is given to someone else! Will you stick your best friend with a polluted nightmare? Will you take over a stranger’s well-tuned point machine? You might be able to score huge points by draining your planet dry right now, but is that worth a message box full of grumpy friends and losing your shot at appearing on the collaborative planet leaderboard?

How do we balance development with sustainability? What is our responsibility to future generations? Through its innovative multiplayer structure, Power Planets explores some of the complex issues surrounding the real-world energy challenges we face today.

Power Planets is launched in conjunction with the Science Channel TV show Powering the Future. In addition to using social gameplay to extend the show’s theme and content, the game also uses a special feature called “Gamechangers” to integrate directly with Science Channel programming. Gamechangers are powerful supermoves that players can unlock by discovering secret codes hidden within the show itself.