Kingdom Keepers Online

Web Game

This cross-media game invites players into the world of the Kingdom Keepers, Disney-Hyperion’s popular young adult book series.

KKO explores a new chapter in the adventures of the book’s heroes as they fight against the Overtakers, famous Disney villains come to life. In the game, the Overtakers have escaped from the Disney parks and onto the internet. Players must battle the Overtakers to clear the network before they invade the real world.

At the heart of KKO is an intense, fast-paced, single-player action/strategy game. The twist is that every battle takes place on an enormous, shared persistent map made up of thousands of nodes. Each node is a unique battle arena with procedurally generated features that determine its geometry, terrain, resources, and enemies. As players work together to explore the network, they unlock video messages and story content, becoming active participants in the world of the Kingdom Keepers.

Once a node has been beaten a hundred times it becomes clear, so as the game unfolds the overlapping paths of individual players combine into an enormous collaborative project to clear the entire network. This “massively singleplayer” structure is a unique approach to social gaming.

KKO takes the rich narrative, large-scale collaboration, multiplayer problem-solving and interactive storytelling of a full-scale Alternate Reality Game and compresses it into a single, approachable online experience with a deep and addictive action game at its core.