Together Everywhere

Puma / BEAM
Mobile Phones

The best part of watching games is celebrating when your team wins. Together Everywhere is designed for fans of the European 2008 Football Championship who want to celebrate together, wherever they may be.

Developed for Puma in partnership with Beam, Together Everywhere uses mobile phones to connect fans both in the real world and beyond. Fans download their favorite team’s song or chant as a ring tone that is associated with a specific number. Every time their team scores a goal, Puma calls them to trigger that cheer.

When the fan answers the phone, they are put on the line with 10 of their friends (or a random group of fans of the same team).

The result: Puma delivers the good news of Euro 2008 goals on crowded buses, in sports bars, at the stadium, everywhere fans have something to celebrate. It brings existing groups together, and connects fans around the world.